ArthroNew System


Claims made by the seller: Lower Back, Knee, Joint & Arthritis Pain Relief – Complete 3-Part KIT – Natural, NO NSAID’s w/ Glucosomine, Arnica, MSM, D3 – Anti-Inflammatory Supplement & Soothing AM & PM Gels

What the seller does not tell you: That you have to buy three of these, one for each month to see the actual results.

It is a Fairly useful kit.I purchased this for my Mom as she is always complaining about joint pains. The Gel have been giving her a little relief. Can’t really tell the difference between AM and PM cream though or why the AM tube is 3 oz. and the PM tube is 2 oz. The Gel has no strong smell and the skin absorbs it quickly.
It says it has to be 90 days to see the full results so that means I have to get 2 more pack as one pack lasts for 30 days only. Hopefully after 90 days my moms feels perfectly well.
When I read the reviews before buying this I read a lot of complains about the powder being too sweet but it is not all that bad when you add it to your juice or water.
On the box is a number to call before you open the package … I think you can really skip that as it is a waste of your 6 minutes with no additional information. Just very repetitive.
I got this at a discounted price for a honest and fair review.


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