GR8 Goodz Bright Solar LED Motion Sensor Outdoor Security Light


This Solar LED motion sensor security outdoor light does not require wiring or even a battery since it is solar powered. It recharges with sunlight and battery storage power. It comes with two screws to install it outside your door or wherever convenient to you!
The LED is very bright in ‘bright mode’ and the motion sensor works well.
It is both motion and photo sensitive. When the light detects motion it turns on the bright setting. The light stays bright until the motion detected moves out of that field and switches back to dim around 6 to 8 seconds later. To charge it for the first time you have to just place it in the sun, no need to activate it first. However to activate the light for the very first time you need to push a tiny button on the front of the light by poking it with a little key that comes in the bag with the screws. Push the button on the inside on small key that fits perfectly in the hole. You only need to activate the light once.


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