NU Ear Plugs – 2 Sets of Discreet Earplugs with Variable Protection

NU Ear plugs NU Ear plugs1

These ear plugs fit well and are comfortable!!
They’re comfortable and work well. I bought these because I can’t stand muffs, and although I’m satisfied with the performance of the disposable foamies, they’re a hassle to deal with.
These custom fitted plugs pop right out with a flick of my finger and are easily re-inserted. Real protection comes with a product that has a good Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). Protection with a NRR rating of about 30 db is the best but this one is close enough, with white filter having 29 db and Green filter having 23 db. All hearing protection are rated and will be displayed on the label or packaging. NRR below that would be poor protection for the ears. I recommend NU ear plugs.


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