Olympiada Wrist Wraps + Lifting Straps Bundle for Weightlifting

wrist bands wrist bands1

Perfect I was just looking at getting a set of wrist wraps and I can always use another set of straps for when mine wear out. There is nothing good that comes from doing a weight that your wrist cannot support. So you have to reduce the weight to where it doesn’t hurt your wrist. It would also be good to do an extra exercise here or there to increase your wrist strength and wear wraps when the weight gets heavy enough to start bothering your wrists.These Straps allow you to move weight without taxing your grip. These straps give you the feel and comfort you look for in a set you know is built to last.They are great for exercises such as: dead lifts, shrugs, heavy rows, weighted pull-ups, and countless others. Plus the quality is excellent for this price.


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