Premium All-Purpose Boot Tray and Waterproof – muddy mat

I use the plastic boot tray by the door for dirty shoes. However, it can be used for many other things. I wanted something to capture the mud and dirt that comes in from outside. To clean it I only need to shake it out once in a while.
Most boot trays I could find were much longer than this one, which would not fit in the small space we had available. This one is absolutely just right and it holds 3 pairs of shoes comfortably.
The sturdiness of the material seems just right , thin enough to be lightweight, heavy enough that it will keep it’s shape with no problem.
In the dry weather, the excess moisture dries up pretty quick.
I was looking for something inexpensive that I could leave by the door to for all the muddy shoes/boots.
Since it’s plastic when it’s covered in mud or very dirty, I just take it and hose it off and back to the door it goes. I looked at lots of other boot trays but this was the one for me because I wanted something inexpensive light, durable and functional. I wasn’t looking for decorative beauty..


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