Tweezers Slant Set – Yellow Premium with Mini Includes Case


I bought these slanted tweezers and it’s really made a difference with my precision.
These tweezers have such a great grip, it grabs onto any tiny hair that I couldn’t reach before and I can get them out easily!. I’ve never had a problem with pulling a hair out with these. It has made grooming my eyebrows so easy and quick.

The tweezers are very sharp as well, so beware not to poke your face with it because you will bleed or get scars. Initially they’re super sharp but they dull slightly overtime. Just make sure you don’t lose it’s case and put it in place after every use. Cleaning your tweezers and putting them where they belong will really make them last longer.
I bought this tweezers after reading all the reviews here. Definitely one of the best tweezers I’ve ever used! This one is pretty awesome.


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