ACF Speed Jump Rope Adjustable

Over all it is a great product… durable, and long enough for tall people!
The first thing you will notice about this rope is that it is very light weight. It is lighter than what appears in the pictures and due to its light weight and high speed, it is a perfect candidate for double and triple unders, as well as large numbers of single unders.
This jump Rope is also customizable in length and you can adjust it according to your need.
In addition, the light weight and compact nature of the cable makes this an excellent rope to carry in your bag while traveling.

I recently wanted to start using jumping rope as a form of exercise so I purchased this. It gets the job done.
This jump rope has one draw back … The rope is really a cable kind of material, so when it arrived of course the cable was folded up and because of the properties of the cable material, after being folded up it has a lot of creases in the cable.


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