Gogo roberts by TopStockBiz


This kit is a nice camera add-on for my iPhone that comes with three external lenses- a fish-eye lens, a macro lens, and a wide-angle lens. The kit is perfect for any photography fan or for anyone who wants to drastically improve the photos they take with their iPhone.The lens kit is fairly small, and it includes a single iPhone adapter that features the three additional lenses, lens caps, and a carrying bag that doubles as a cleaning cloth. The lens adapter is easily place-able on the iPhone. You simply needs to slide on the adapter over the iPhone’s camera lens.We’ve been taking a lot of photos with the kit, and we are very surprised and impressed with the kit’s performance. We took comparison shots between the same photo taken with and without the lenses and definitely can see the different. It comes with a small bag in which you can put all your lenses and carry them with you in your pocket.


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