ProCoach Sports Stopwatch Timer RS-013 – Water…Saberhead

saber head stopwatch1 saber head stopwatch

This stopwatch fits in hand nicely. Easy to use. Comes with Clear instruction leaflet. Operates as a normal watch when stopwatch mode not in use. No idea how long the batteries will last though as you can not stop the watch completely..
It is as good as stopwatches that cost a lot more.The switches actuate with a firm click which is tactile and audible. And they are firm enough so that they are unlikely to be accidentally activated.
This stopwatch is somewhat large, with a large LCD display, and it’s waterproof. After usage in water, you might notice water droplets under the back side of the case. I think this is normal  and water has not entered past the sealed inner compartment. Exposing it to the sun bottom-side up for a few hours dries out the non-sealed outer part of the compartment..I wear the stopwatch around my neck while I do distance running. Very lightweight and with all the “right” functionality
Drawback is that it never turns off. Hence the four stars … we should be able to save the battery life if we want too


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