ODOR Absorber Activated Charcoal NATURAL Deodorizer Bag by UberPakk

odor free

This is awesome —-> To Rejuvenate: Place the bags outside in the sun once a month for about an hour, and these lasts for a long time too!
These odor absorbers really work and are worth more than they are priced!
When you use other odor absorbers they work for a few hours but these keep odor away round the clock!!

I placed one in my bathroom. At first there was a weird raw seed/wood smell but later on that diminished and there was no smell at all.
The second one I placed in the living room. Food smell always lingers in my living room as it is next to my kitchen. So I placed one there and honestly after a few minutes there was no food smell at all. It just a good job of eliminating odor of any kind!

I will be getting some more to keep near the shoe racks!!


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