Instant Reusable Heating Pack by SDS Worldwide

Instant heat pad

This is first time I am using an Instant heating pack. It is portable and re-useable unlike any other heat pack I have ever used!
With a snap/twist the  heat pack will instantly crystallize and heat up to 130 degrees right before your eyes.
It will continue to generate heat anywhere from a half hour to four hours depending how well you insulate it.
The general purpose of heat treatment is to encourage muscle relaxation and to help relieve or reduce pain. The heat pack helps to relax tight, stiff or sore muscles allowing for free and easy body movements.It can be used for neck and shoulder pain, back pain, menstrual cramps or any place heat comfort is desired.
Now I can have instant soothing heat anytime anywhere without the inconvenience of a cord or microwave. When you are done using it, just place it in a pot of boiling water and it will rejuvenate back to its liquid form..
The  heat pack is safe and environmentally friendly. It contains a non-toxic food-grade solution.


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