Adjustable Ab Straps

arm sledge arm sledge1

So I picked up a set of AB Straps for my PULL UP Bar, and I have to say I love them. The material is good and they hook on easily onto my pull up bar.
They are very effective and they take the pressure of my arms and I am able to turn out more reps for my abs. Also I am able to maneuver my body to hit my obliques and lower and upper, as well as middle abs.

Without these straps I was only able to do about 6 leg raises, and then my wrists/forearm began to hurt. Now I can do it for longer time.

They also help me keep from not being lopsided which is what worries me the most.

Overall If you own a pull up bar, any type of pull up bar at home, I would highly recommend in investing in a pair of these. They are awesome. Good for stomach/abs workout and  easier on the arms.


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