Angry Birds Knex Super Value Pack

Kids will love this. It’s kind of funny how the simplest games on the market are also the most addictive. The goal of the Angry bird game is to kill all the pigs.  The toys are cartoony,  visually colorful and pleasing to the eye and some of the best you’ll find. The story of angry birds goes this way … These multi-color birds are living peacefully until one day, a bunch of evil green pigs come along and steel their eggs. Outraged, the now “angry birds” must now fight these pigs… launching themselves at them. The story is a bit silly but this is perfect to set the lighthearted and witty mood that this game presents.
These birds make it interesting as you must figure out how to use each bird you are given, which makes the game more challenging and strategic. Well, mostly, if only you didn’t have to use them in the order given to you which defeats some of the strategy


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