Lumeeno Zero Peroxide Gentle Teeth Whitening


The strips are thin, flexible and are coated with a tooth whitening gel. The “gel” reaches into some deeper areas between my teeth to whiten in there too.
They cause little to no sensitivity at all. I was happy about that at the same time whitening results are minimal. I have used just 5 strips till now thought … 9 more to go.
They are very easy to use and are soft and comfortable. Gives a Clean, fresh feeling also helps kills bacteria that cause bad breath.

I chose these strips because I have sensitive teeth, and I have not experienced any sensitivity issues from them after five uses. I will continue using them.
They do leave a lot of gooey residue in your mouth when you remove the strips, but you can just rinse that off. I also wish the strips were longer so as to reach all the teeth.


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