Kitchen Scissors By Simple Health

scirrors scicorrs

A great pair of shears to add to your kitchen tools
These excellent take apart kitchen shears  provide many different uses including a screwdriver, jar lid opener, bottle opener and bone cutter, as in chicken bones. . These shears come in chutney green color and the shears can be taken apart for cleaning as well if needed. .
Stainless steel is the best material for kitchen scissors as the stainless steel blades will never stain, no matter what you’re cutting.
One of the blades are serrated which gives security to the cut and prevents slipping.They are dishwasher safe too, but hand wash for longer scissor life, that is  if you do not have a knife sharpener to preserve the blades longer. You can even unscrew bottle and jar caps with the steel tooth inserts that are located in the synthetic handles. The center area between the handle and the blade conveniently opens bottle caps. This help make your kitchen jobs much simpler. Other uses are – they can also be used for opening cooking bags, skinning chicken, trimming vegetables, cutting herbs and flowers and much more.
Equally easy to use whether you are left handed or right handed.


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