Youactive Sport AB roller


I have a traditional AB roller from Youactive Sport, but the company has recently introduced a new three wheel design and I had to try it out.
The first thing I noticed is that it was very light which makes it conveniently portable and easy to use at home or in the gym.
This one is excellent for beginners as it is safer and helps balance the body better. This three wheel equipment provides a sturdy base without wobbling to improve your core while decreasing your chance of sports injuries with the supportive extra wheel and the hand grips.
For first-time users, first begin to try it from your knees. You’ll feel your lower back muscles working first. As the muscles tone and build more, then I would suggest going into the push-up stance and roll out from there. Don’t forget to roll out to the right and left of your body. This will work the muscles on your sides, which are very effective for fat burning. You can also use the roller to roll out at any particular angle to hit one side harder. Just be careful if you are not experienced with it.. use proper technique or you’ll hurt your back.
As for the pros you can do various advanced push-ups which are more beneficial to the body.. .such as Band assisted standing roll-outs, Eccentric standing roll-outs, Incline plank standing roll-outs, and Full standing roll-outs
Instead of having separate Ab roller and push-up bars, you get them both in this one compact and very effective piece of fitness equipment. This Ab roller works not only the abdominal muscles, but also the entire upper body as you contract and stretch the muscles in your back, shoulders, chest, and arms, too.
This equipment is quick and cheap. I would recommend anyone who is serious about strengthening their midsection to get one and to do it at least 3 to 4 times a week.
As for me, I am moving on to do doing a more advanced move with this roller called a standing Ab roll. In a standing position, bend over and grab the AB roller and straighten to a push up position and then slowly all the way down to a laying position with only your hands on the ab roller and your toes on the floor to full extension, just touching the floor. Pull yourself back into the push up position and then pull yourself up into a standing position from the knees.


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