Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator – Easy@Home 16 mode

TEN 005 TEN 008

I had heard of TENS machine before, I do not have any previous experience with this but I do have experience with electric muscle stimulation machines as I have frequent back pains. The muscle stimulation system was invented by Russian scientists long time ago and was widely used around the world. Now it’s a boom in sport and fitness training equipment.

A few weeks ago I decided to search the web for an alternative back pain relief. The tens unit machine came up in a search and I was immediately interested in the reviews and what the product could offer.
I read that this device is most valuable in helping to alleviate pain. Many people have found that it really seems to help when dealing with back and neck pain.
The Complete Muscle Stimulation Unit has also worked in allowing someone with neuropathy to become more comfortable as the electrical pulses helped to reduce pain.

As for me, chronic back pain is difficult to treat or live with … however I am able to get relief from this pain by using this Unit, and it works great! No cons about the product so far and still using it!

The Easy@Home Tens machine is amazingly compact and portable. The four electrodes allow for maximum coverage all over your body, but the real star is the modulation or burst modes in both dual and single channel. Being able to control the pulse duration, the frequency, the specific mode, and every single other detail is the kind of flexibility that you just won’t find with any other solution.

When the pads have been applied, and the current set, the pads will vibrate and send a pulse through the muscles, causing them to contract. This is the same sort of reaction that occurs when a physical exercise is performed.

Muscle Stimulation Unit could come in handy for nearly anyone and can be beneficial in a number of circumstances including pain relief, helping with muscle weakness or spastic muscles, or even just to assist in toning and building muscular strength in a regular body building program.

Above all else, understand that there simply isn’t a better tool out there for pain relief without having to deal with all of the dangerous and deadly side effects that come with prescriptions.

P.S If you notice that the pads are losing their attaching power due to reduced stickiness … just wipe them with a wet cloth. That will retrieve their sticking quality again.
I purchased this at a discounted price for a honest and unbiased review.


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