Vita-lize Fenugreek capsules


We have been consuming fenugreek seeds and powder through our food since kids. So we know the health benefits. It was only after I grew up and didn’t have enough time to make home cooked meals daily that I lost touch of these seeds.
Recently I was recommended to have it for my high cholesterol and to lower my blood sugar so I decided to look online for fenugreek seeds alternative and found this. I follow a very good diet though by counting carbs and upping fiber content in foods I eat.

I guess I’ll to wait 3 months to check my cholesterol levels again but I’m confident this capsules will help.
I take one capsule 3 times a day. I am really impressed with the changes I see. Just be patient, they start being heavy and you will feel it.
Next week I will start taking 2 capsules 3 times a day as recommended.

One issue about taking these capsules is that it changes your body odor to a scent similar to a sweet and spicy celery or sometimes similar to maple syrup !! Some women don’t like it but I think it is a kinda sexy smell.


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