All the actors did a great job in this movie, in my opinion. The costumes are lovely, the scenery lavish Venice, and the dialog so enchanting, the movie would not have been at all as delightful without such witty dialog.

There is suspense in this movie as, again and again, you think that Casanova will be caught in his tricks, and wonder at his ability to not be caught. The chase scenes are original, the epiphanies and romance grin-inducing, and the ending is absolutely superb.
“Casanova” is definitely easy to watch. It fits perfectly to the non-rush Sunday evenings. It is fun and has a great cast. Keyrole’s Heath Ledger is really a heart drop. Jeremy Irons is fantastic at playing Pucci so nastily. Sienna Miller is a little raw but is supported by other cast members so that she fits in just fine.This was actually a funny movie. Heath Ledger coupled with his manservant Omid Djalili make a very humorous pair. Not generally my kind of movie, but it was fun. Especially once Papprizzio (Oliver Platt), the finance of Francesca, comes to Casanova for help with women. In the meantime Casanova tries to win Francesca’s heart. All the while, the church tries to have him hanged


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