Mpow Jaws Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphone (around the neck headphones)

headphones 018

Very impressed with the packaging and product.

For years I’ve been using Apple headphones. I have tried other brands on and off and a couple of Bluetooth ones too but always go back to Apple as I find the sound the best for my iphone 6s

When I saw Mpow Jaws headphones online, I wanted to try them as they looked really nice and stylish with a fashionable necklace design. I was skeptical though as to how they would perform. But I went ahead and ordered one. Too tempting to pass it by.

When I received the headphones my first though was even Apple doesn’t pay this much attention to packaging. It came in a nice magnetic box, and the headphones were placed in a foam protection. It did look like a beautiful necklace.
The headphone has magnetic earbuds attaching groves on it, to place the earphones when you’re not using them and helps in the cords not getting tangled. The set has an expensive look around it.

Since I’ve used Bluetooth headphones before it did not take me long to connect it with my iphone and WOW the sound that came out of it was amazing. The headphones noise Cancellation reduces external noises so efficiently.

You have everything on the headphones and don’t need to take out your phone to perform functions like taking calls, can take incoming calls on the right side, increase or decrease volume, play/pause, forwards/backwards

The working time is up to 13 hours, the last Bluetooth I had had working time of 5 hours.
I honestly loves this headphones. They look, feel and work wonderfully.


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