PC Knife Sharpener- Sold by: Priority Chef

knife sharpener1

I have been through so many knives through out these years. I was really unhappy about getting rid of my favorite knives due to bluntness. As soon as I get used to a knife and start liking it, it losses it’s sharpness and I have to discard it. Not any more after I got this knife sharpener.
Sharpening knives before the blade becomes significantly dull makes the sharpening process easier and faster, and also helps preserve my knives because in order to reshape a dull blade you have to remove a lot of steel.
You can sharpen your knives on the spot when required, as opposed to waiting until they’re in bad shape before sending them out for sharpening or disposing them off.

The knife sharpener is very easy to use, you simply pull the knife repeatedly through a slot that’s designed to hold it at the proper angle and pull the knife towards you 3 or 4 times. The knife shapener has two stages for sharpening. One is coarse and the other is fine.

I received this product in exchange for a fair and honest review!!


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