Dimple Remover & Natural Firming Lotion for Arms, Legs & Stomach – Clia Beauty

clia cellulite

Every once in a while, I try different product. You never know which one will be best suited for you or will work better than what you are already using.

Clia cream gives my skin a healthy glow without any stickiness or oiliness. It does take a while for the skin to absorb it, so you have to massage it in till it dries up.

This cream never irritates my skin, in fact soothes my skin with one application.

I feel the warmth and seems like it is working, when I start applying it. It has no strong smell like other creams, in fact it has some fragrance like a spice but I can’t quiet place the fragrance.. I will keep using it to see if it actually works to remove cellulite.

It does firm a little bit but the plus point is that it makes the skin soft and smooth.


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