Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Vibrant, warm and deliriously inventive
This movie is a proof that Jim Carrey is a good actor and can really perform without making faces or acting silly. The movie is about an out-of-body experience that you’ll find hard to erase from your memory. It’s a strange trip, to be sure, sort of like what Fantastic Voyage might have been if some acid-gobbling metaphysicians had been at the helm.

Some people may find the early going tough, but this remarkable movie is in possession of a serious mind and a rare, true heart.
Kaufman is one of the most ingenious screenwriters in Hollywood…the clouds gather with Michel Gondry’s breathlessly hyperactive direction.
Part of that magic is how well the love story works inside this bizarre little sci-fi premise.

Both Carrey and Winslet show the exuberance of infatuation and the pangs of disappointment and confusion.

It’s obvious these two people are worlds apart, but when they find each other, the world they create together is better than the ones either of them originally had.


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