Surpahs Shiny Small Lightweight Digital Bathroom Scale w/ BMI Calculation

I like to weigh myself every day as I believe it is important to get that daily reminder of what I used to weigh, what I weigh today and what I want to weigh in terms of losing weight. Personally, I need that motivation daily.

It is very easy to get derailed from your weight loss focus if you don’t weigh yourself every day, in my opinion.

One great feature of this scale is the ability for 4 different family members to track their statistics independently from each other. Battery life is outstanding and the scale is rated  from 11 lb to 330 lb, should you need something durable.

While this digital scale does not measure body water % it does measure weight, and body mass index (BMI).

It works fine on hard surface. I would not recommend to use it on a carpet as I have noticed fluctuations in weight while doing that!!
There is a small round click button at the back of the scale to covert Lb to Kg and vice versa.


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