Valentia True Glow Eye Cream by: Valentia Skin Care

Eye cream is a vital part of my daily skin-care regimen. I keep trying new products so I decided to give this a try too.

I found out that though Valentia eye cream is formulated specially for the eyes it is suitable for any area of the face. The formula is nice and thick but light to apply and spreads easily. It has a slight color which give the bright eyes look.

It evens out skin tone and texture, and softens the appearance of fine lines.  Best part is that it is natural and organic.

The coolness of the cream helps reduce puffy eyes to some extent, at least the kind of puffiness that results from allergies or fluid retention.

The ingredients in the cream reduce the appearance of dark circles that may possibly diminish them over time. Also the anti-aging ingredients helps strengthen the skin around the eyes and delays the signs of aging.

I find it very soothing when massaged around the eyes.
The outer packaging is beautiful and the bottle is in simple pump form which spurts out just the right amount. I wish the bottle was beautiful too though!
I received this product in exchange for a fair review!


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