Dental Protector–Professional Mouth Guard for Bruxism by Prime Deals Distribution

Recently I had a crown put on one of my molar. The dentist did not do a good job of adjusting my bite so I have terrible pain in that tooth every time I eat something that side.

I went back to him and he tried to fix it but it did not make a big difference to me. The crowned tooth is still not fine.

One useful thing I found out about my teeth because of this procedure is that I clash my teeth at night and whenever that happens I wake up from my sleep with severe pain in the crowned tooth.
I am hoping this mouth guard will help me with this problem and I can avoid the pain and also avoid cracking my tooth due to clashing in the future..I did not know I did that in my sleep before I had a crowned tooth.

I have been using this for a few days now. And it is a relief to not wake up suddenly from pain. It is a bit uncomfortable to use  and it is slightly big for my mouth but I guess I’ll get used to it with time!


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