Enhanced Face Lightening Vitamin C Gel with…Swiss Botany

This vitaminC comes in gel form so it is easier to apply without any running down!

It gets absorbed by the skin quickly too! Also it comes in a beautiful jar with a very different gel dispersing method.

You pump the white dispenser and the gel spurts out from the top. Very innovative.
I use this Vitamin C Gel before my Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

My daily routine is washing my face with a moisturizing cleanser then spraying my face with a vitamin C toner … I wipe out the excess toner with a cotton ball and then apply this Vitamin C Gel, wait till it is absorbed by the skin, then apply hyaluronic acid serum and finish up with a good moisturizer. This combination works well for my skin.

Always apply the thinner and easily absorbed by the skin serums first … Vitamin C serum/Gel should always be applied before Hyaluronic acid serum.
This simple routine has kept my skin soft, clear and glowing.


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