Crown Coast Umbrellas

This umbrella has durability, functionality and style.
It has been raining lately here in Cali, besides I am also going to Florida for vacation soon, where it rains everyday during summer, so I decided to get a new umbrella.
This umbrella comes in beautiful colors and is foldable and compact. It also comes with a cover to store it in when not in use. I got the sky-blue clouds from inside and black from outside.

It is not very light like other umbrella, it is heavy duty and has a nice grip! Quality appears to be exceptional and product looks very durable.

The umbrella is tall enough, so my hair doesn’t get caught on the metal wires. I like the way it covers not only my hair and face but also my shoulders, keeping that part of me dry.

It is not only sturdy, it is cute too I plan to reuse it year-round. I can’t wait until the next time it rains so I can pull my umbrella out!! :))
I received this product in exchange for a fair and honest review!!

P.S This awesome product is available on amazon at a 15% discounted price for a limited time. Until midnight December 31st 2015  ONLY

Use the coupon code (NOTWET15)



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