Spa Gel Socks Essential Oils by BB World Global

I just love these socks! They are lined with gel, Jojoba oil, Olive oil, Vitamin E and Rose oil on the inside, that feels so soothing on the feet. They are soft from the outside too! When you wear them they not only moisturize the feet they relax and ease feet pain.

You can also wear them comfortably in shoes and can possibly give you instant relief from common foot problems. The bottom of the socks have anti-slip grips so you can walk on any surface!

Soft and gentle gel in the socks will keep your feet cool. Your feet won’t feel hot and sweaty at all even when walking long distances.

Best part is they are free-size and will fit almost anyone.

It’s machine washable but I would not recommend that, hand wash and hang to dry for longer durability.

If you are always on the move, and don’t get much of a chance to sit down, these socks are must try.

For best results it is suggested to wear them at least three or four times a week for 30-45 minutes. If you are not comfortable wearing them while on the move then you can use them at night while sleeping. It does the same job of making your feet soft and beautiful!

I received this product in exchange for a fair and honest review!!


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