Biotin Hair Skin & Nails Growth Supplement 10,000mcg – Sarah’s Source LLC

Biotin 019

I normally consume biotin with 5000 mcg strength. When I started using this I definitely see the difference. I also use hair growth shampoos along with the supplement so they do help!
Since the beginning of this year, I had started losing hair and had to arrange/style my hair in such a way that the area in which I was losing hair gets covered.

At that time I started looking to find natural solutions to get my hair back. I continue doing my research on products even today.
Yes I have found effective solutions.

My existing hair is growing longer and feels thicker. The areas on my scalp with less hair have been steadily growing in with new hair.
It has not been an overnight process … it takes at least a week/weeks to visually notice changes but you’ll definitely see the change after just one bottle.

Best part is this biotin not only helps your hair but helps your nails and skin too.


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