Silicone Cooking, Oven gloves and Silicone Pot Holders by: Saving’s collection

The oven gloves are very useful in removing items from steaming hot water, flipping food over on the grill, getting a good grip on a hot lid etc.

I like that they are grippy so you can hold your food or dishes better. They have cute little hearts on them and are easy to clean and work much better than regular oven mitts.

I use them every time I am baking or cooking on the grill. I love that I can also use them to open stubborn tightly closed jars and throw them in the dishwasher for a quick cleaning when needed.

I used one of them as a replacement for oven mitts just to see how my hands would feel. It didn’t burn my hands, my hands just felt warm which gave me an idea as to how the gloves would fare when using it on the grill.

When you wear these gloves you’ll feel like they are loose but when you start using them they kinda get molded to your hands. I have small hands so it fits me perfectly.

They have a moderate heat resistance up to 425 degrees. Normally when you buy oven mitts they come in single, but these gloves come in a pair so it is more convenient to carry hot heavy baking trays and stuff.

These pot holders that come with the oven gloves are pretty too and protect my table and counter tops with the very hottest pans or casserole dishes.
Since they are made of silicone, they are skid and slip resistant. With their nonslip texture, these silicone hot pads are also ideal to grip and remove jar lids just like the silicone gloves. They come with hanging hole for proper storage when not in use.

I use them as mats to protect my kitchen surfaces from scalding, as a pot holder to grip hot pans safely. It also functions as a large coaster, jar opener and spoon rest!

Silicone material don’t stain, get mold, or absorb odors. So are safe to use in the kitchen and will not change the color or taste of food it touches. Plus, it’s heat resistant too, up to 425°F!

My only complain is, I don’t like the fact that the inside of the gloves is plastic too. They Get my hands all sweaty. Also I wish they came in nice packaging, good enough to gift!

I received this product in exchange for a fair and honest review!!


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