Yalmeh Super Youth-Anti Aging Serums- by Amazing Stuff Here

Yalmeh 002

Unlike other serum products, Yalmeh products come in eye pleasing beautiful colorful bottles.

Since this set comes in a combo pack of VitaminC, Hyaluronic Acid and moisturizing lotion, I decided to give it a try . They come in the normal small size serum bottles of 1 oz and the moisturizing lotion tube is pretty small at 0.5 oz.  but a little goes a far away.

This combination of Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acis and moisturizer is what I use on daily basis twice.
Yalmeh Super Youth-Anti Aging Serums Set.
These serums are plant derived Including all natural ingredients.
My daily routine is washing my face with a moisturizing cleanser then spraying my face with some vitamin C toner … I wipe out the excess toner with a cotton ball and then apply the Vitamin C serum, wait till it is absorbed by the skin, then apply hyaluronic acid serum and finish up with a moisturizer.

After the first application of these Yalmeh products, I felt tightening and firming of skin. I can feel the smoothness and see the brightness. My face has gotten progressively brighter.

Always apply the thinner and easily absorbed by the skin serums first … Vitamin C serum should always be applied before this Hyaluronic acid serum and then the moisturizer.
This simple routine has kept my skin soft, clear and glowing.

I received this product in exchange for a fair and honest review!!


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