Wool Dryer Balls 100% Organic Wool – Fabric Softener Alternative- by Triple Cloud

High fluffy quality without any chemicals, its worth it.

I have been using dryer sheets since I started doing laundry, so I was skeptical that this item would work as well as dryer sheets.
But to my surprise, these wool balls are great for drying clothes. Clothes dry quicker and with less static cling.

Besides, they turn out to be so much less expensive than dryer sheets. I tried them on with my jackets and coats, which came out very well fluffed up. And yes, these do shorten the expected dryer time.

They have no smell so I sprinkle them with some essential oils like lavender, throw them in the dryer and have found that my clothes not only dry faster, they are wrinkle free and smell good!

I use all six when just four are enough. I am going to try them with my pillows next.
I use these with tide pods. My towels have not been that soft since I stopped using fabric softener.

I am planing to buy some more and adding them to a house warming party basket for a friend!


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