Forehead and Ear Thermometer – Innovo Medical

As soon as I received this thermometer, I got curious as to see how accurate it really was.

This is my first digital thermometer. I remember the glass mercury ones which we used to have as kids. If you’re still holding onto a glass mercury thermometer, the AAP advises getting rid of it.

The process of using this thermometer is very easy. Simply place the thermometer above eyebrow, hit the F1 button and swipe the temple from left to right. Release the F1 button when done. As soon as you do that you’ll hear a beep. It takes just a second to get the reading on the screen.

It works by measuring infrared energy radiated from the forehead. This energy is collected through the lens and converted to the correct temperature value.

For the ears remove the sensor cover and insert in the ear. The ear probe should be aligned with the ear canal, hold steady, pressing the F2 button till you hear a beep. Again takes just a second.

Though there are baby pictures on the packaging and it is also gives an impression as a baby thermometer, it is designed to take the body temperature of adults and children of all ages, including premature infants.

The screen is nice and large making it very easy to read, even in the dark.

This Innovo thermometer readout takes just 1 to 5 seconds and gives out  accurate measurements, that’s really quick.
The thermometer sensor is extremely sensitive so you have to keep the sensors very clean to get accurate readings. Best way to clean the sensor is with a Q-Tip soaked with alcohol.

It’s also not too big, so easy to carry with you anywhere in your bag or purse.


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