Gurin Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier – 1100 Cubic Feet by Gurin

This thermo-electric dehumidifier unit provides effective removal of humidity.

Just the appropriate size dehumidifier for my bathroom. I have two bathroom and one of them gets sunlight but the other one is inside the bedroom and gets a lots of moisture retention and molds that could be detrimental to my family’s health.

I have to get it painted every four to five months to keep it neat and clean. So I think this dehumidifier is going to change things.

All dehumidifiers generally make some noise, but this model just makes a low hum noise. I was really impressed at the noise level as it is in my bedroom and loud noise could be so disturbing when I want to rest.

Gurin company uses advanced Peltier technology , it means they do not make use of a compressor in their dehumidifier which makes it quiet.

It shuts of automatically when the bucket completely fills so that the water will not overflow. It consumes very little energy and is CE and UL Approved.

It took like 15 minutes for my bathroom to be dehumidified. My bedroom bathroom is pretty small though.

This unit holds up to 16 oz of water that is good so I don’t have to empty it every day!

The unit is small and light, so if you have a small space that you need to dehumidify like my bathroom and the space isn’t too humid then this dehumidifier is perfect for you!

It seems to be holding tolerance’s as mentioned in the operation manual. The controls are easy to understand and operate. Unit was easy to set-up too. I couldn’t believe how much water was extracted after only 24 hrs.

BTW Gurin company is amongst the top 10 list of the best dehumidifiers in USA

I received this product at a discount in exchange for a fair and honest review!


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