DecoBros Precision Digital Bathroom Body Weight Scale.


scales 004

Weighing yourself regularly helps in successful weight maintenance. I have two bathrooms so I got this for my second bathroom.

I like to weigh myself every day as I believe it is important to get that daily reminder of what I used to weigh, what I weigh today and what I want to weigh in terms of losing weight. Personally, I need that motivation daily to reach my goals.

In my opinion it is very easy to get derailed from your weight loss focus if you don’t weigh yourself every day.

This scale is simple and basic. It is good for those who are looking for an inexpensive weighing scale.

It works fine on hard surface. I would not recommend to use it on a carpet as I have noticed fluctuations in weight while doing that!!
It has a weight unit switch button on the other side of it. Overall its a neat one for that price!


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