Ohuhu Essential Oils Roller Bottles

These bottles are such a pretty blue and they are the perfect size.
These cobalt bottles are good for when you want something simple, low cost and nice to look at.

If you use essential oils or perfume oil these are very useful while traveling  or to carry on regular basis.

I keep my fragrance oils in these and carry them with me in my hand bag. Anytime I want to feel or smell fresh I just have to take these out and roll on my wrist. The ball rolls smoothly and lets out a nice amount of content.

The glass bottles are nice and durable too, I dropped one by accident and it did not break. Oh forget about dropping these bottle, they came shipped in an envelope so yeah guess they are not breakable!

I think they make a very nice gift too! These bottles feature a vibrant hue with golden color caps to standout from the crowd. Cobalt glass is a deep blue colored glass prepared by adding cobalt compounds to the molten glass. Also the cobalt blue glass provides protection from harmful light to the product inside.

I have decided to buy some more bottles. I am going to make a homemade blend of my most popular essential and fragrance oils, put it in the cobalt bottles, label them and then give them as gifts.


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