4-Pocket Mobility Storage Backpack Bag w/ Reflective Strips- from Secure

I see an old lady with a walker at the park every morning. She was always struggling with the walker, a bottle of water and a hand towel in her hand. When I saw this Mobility storage backpack, it reminded me of her and I decided to get her one.

I gave her the bag yesterday and she thanked me profusely. Today I saw her using it. The bag was attached securely to her walker with adjustable clip on straps. It seemed attaching the pouch was quick and easy. These straps are designed to be easily adjustable for all devices. However the bag was slumping.

I had examined the bag before giving it her. It is made from durable nylon fabric, nylon straps and all the seams and stress points are stitched well but I wish they were double stitched for more durability.

The bag has two smaller pockets and one larger one on the outside. And a big pocket as a main compartment held closed by a O-ring zipper that is easy to grip and slide open. It has two reflective strips across the front of the bag. Useful while walking in the night.

The middle pocket with the zipper is quiet big to fit in a lot of stuff. I think it can hold up to 10lb at least( Just my guess).

What i didn’t like was that this bag was folding awkwardly as it didn’t have a sturdy bottom. If a surface was applied to this bag then it would have given it a good structure.



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