Memory Foam Seat Cushion Coccyx – By Original Bambo


This cushion is very comfortable and releases the pressure on my tail bone. The memory foam is soft but firm. I use it in my car when I go for long drives, on my computer chair daily and sometimes on my normal sitting chair. It works fine for me.

I am very satisfied with everything about this cushion. The size, style and strength of the cushion. The memory foam is great and if you suffer from body pain regularly, you need to get one!

This cushion once placed on the chair needs no adjusting while sitting for long periods of time. It stays in place and the amount of cushioning seems just about right for me.

I have also noticed a difference in my posture. I have always walked straight but now I sit straight too!
I have back pain issues and over the past week that I have had this cushion, my problems have gotten better.

This isn’t a miracle product, but it has helped me, and I don’t think a more expensive cushion would have done any better.


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