Anti Cellulite Hot Cream From Uptown Cosmeceutical

I use cellulite creams and gels because my body is a bit uneven in places and I have some dimpling and fat on my belly.
Every once in a while, I try different products and always go right back to the products that works the best for me.

When I got this Uptown hot cream and opened it I noticed that it has a balanced consistency, not too thick, not too runny. It looks and feels like a lotion that absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. The smell was too strong though.

I applied it and noticed this product gives my skin a healthy glow without any oiliness. It is made with all-natural ingredients and has the anti-aging protection ingredient that makes cream effective.

Even though this cream has a strong medical odor, it has never irritated my skin, in fact soothes my skin with one application. It works by targeting the fat deposits under the skin and helps break them up, eliminating dimpling and tightening the skin. Best part is that it is a muscle relaxant too! You can apply it if you have pain in any part of the body.

since I have started applying it, I feel the difference and seems like it is working. I will keep using it to see if it actually works to remove cellulite.

Over all this product sculpts and slims the areas that need it the most, reducing the appearance of cellulite, sagging skin, and stretch marks. It also tightens and tones, giving the body and skin a more firmed appearance. Besides firming a little bit it also makes the skin soft and smooth.

Everyone’s body is different, and might react differently. It worked for me though.

Remember when applying a skincare product, never go in the downward direction of  the skin. Instead, move against gravity to protect and preserve skin elasticity.


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