Energy Bracelet, Infused with Negative Ion & Magnetic Elements- from Holistica Jewelry


This bracelet is absolutely beautiful. It even comes with a tool, to size it as you please, very generous of itrade Express. This is the first company that actually sends you a tool to resize your bracelet if you have a fitting problem, with all the instructions. Just shows that they care about their customers.

I use a lot of magnetic stuff for healing purposes and it does work for me. Magnets are natural way of healing.

If you are in pain, you will benefit from wearing a ionized magnetic bracelet. You will see an improvement in the pain after continuous use.

In addition to helping to balance your body’s natural energies, magnetic therapy can improve circulation, ease arthritis pain, and improve your overall sense of well being.

The wrist bracelets in particular are powerful because magnetic therapy works by providing static, magnetic forces at certain points in our bodies, specifically the wrist.

This one has powerful magnets. After wearing this bracelet I felt like it is improving my blood flow and also giving me a comforting feeling. I feel more energetic and find myself more calm.

How this bracelet works is through ionic therapy, the negative ions from the bracelet neutralize all of the positive ions that tend to build up in our bodies under stress. As a result, we become more balanced.

I strongly recommend to at least try this bracelet. It comes with a lifetime warranty, nothing more needed to say!


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