Makeup Remover Premium Microfiber Cloth – from Miss Landson


My first time using a microfiber cloth to remove makeup and it does work. Normally I use wipes or a cleanser with cotton balls and it takes two to three times of cleaning to get all of the make out. But this one cleans with plain water and removes all makeup with one wipe. Besides it is chemical free, super soft and has high water absorption ability.

I love the color of this cloth and the material is soft like velvet to touch. I don’t use it just for removing makeup, I carry it in my handbag wherever I go, as it is great to carry for when you need to freshen up a bit, especially when it’s really hot outside or you’ve been exercising and sweating a lot. It absorbs sweat rather quickly and the soft feel gives you a feeling of freshness.

Back to this microfiber cloth as a makeup remover… one wipe of this wet microfiber cloth leave skin thoroughly clean with no heavy residue, so there’s no need to rinse your face after using it. Besides this cloth works for all skin types, even sensitive skin. In fact you can use this anywhere, no matter where you are even while traveling or on the flight as it is portable, effective and gives a pleasant feeling.

I took it out of my bag today at work during my lunch time and all my colleagues started inquiring and discussing about it. They liked it very much. A few friends wanted to purchase so I gave them the information as to where they can get it. I myself will be purchasing more.

I am sure you will like it too. No harm in giving it a try at least once. It is not too expensive. At the same time I think the price can be reduced a bit.


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