Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask By Valentia


This mask has Sea Buckthorn Oil which is an anti-aging wonder berry.
The Valentia mask has a nice, not too thin and not too thick, cool consistency and spreads on the skin very smoothly and evenly. It is like a yellow gel, which dries slowly on your face.
It has a very slight smell, very different to the products I use. I could not figure out what that smell was related to though.
While drying I felt my skin tingling and beginning to tighten.

After it dries up on your skin it is a bit hard to wash off, gets really slimy. So you can use a washcloth for some scrubbing.

My skin felt great after one application, smooth and tight. It does seem to hydrate the skin on my face well so I would think it’s doing something! I definitely saw the plumpness immediately after I washed my face.

I did feel like my skin had a little bit of a glow to it the next day. Make sure to close the lid properly or the cream will dry off. I was thankful that even with my sensitive skin, I did not have any negative reactions.

A little goes a far way so I think this jar is going to last long. Valentia mask comes in a nice white and gold box, good enough to gift.



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