Silicone Collapsible Dog Bowl – Sold by Silver Fox Sales

It is light, strong, with good eyelet for hanging.

This silicone collapsible dog bowl is great to take on hikes. I’ve used these kind of dog bowls many times on hikes and it works great for that use. I also keep one in the car for emergencies or for use on camping trips. I can leave it there as it takes up no room and is handy to give my pet a drink of water after a walk in warm weather.

It holds a good amount of water. It is of perfect height for our little puppy.  The color is an awesome blue.
I like that I can put a key ring through the hole and attach it to my leash with a carabiner.  It has a rigid rim which stops the bowl from collapsing while the pet uses it. This bowl doesn’t touch my pets face when she’s drinking and she loves it, that’s all that matters.

It is small enough to carry in your bag when collapsed and big enough for the dog when opened.

The product is exactly like shown in the pictures so, it’s pretty obvious what you are getting when you order this.


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