Bed Bug Spray Killer, Pest Control Treatment by UnBugs


This UnBugs spray is very useful not only in the house but also while traveling. Ever wondered how many bugs are there in your hotel room bed. I don’t have to wonder anymore. I can just take this spray along with me and spray and make sure no bugs are gonna bite me while I sleep.

This is a all-natural product and claims to kill and repel bed bugs. You can use it to spray the mattress or box springs in your home and your suitcases while traveling. The spray has a odor, and should be left to dry before you sleep on it.

It not only kills bed bugs but also bed bug eggs, mold, bacteria, fungus and mildew on contact.

I tried it on my bed and it took like15 minutes to dry completely. I also noticed that it did not leave any residue or stains.

You can use this spray on wooden furniture and your carpet too. However if you spray on a polished surface like hardwood it may leave stains.


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