Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder for Smartphone, GPS, IPOD, MP3, Other Devices Including iPhone 6s/6/6s- Sold by: Gear Beast


This car cell phone mount is much more sturdy than I expected. The Gear Beast magnetic mount has six premium quality magnets. Sticks excellent and securely attaches to my vehicle air vents. I drove miles on a rough road and the stand didn’t fall off.

The neck is a very decent quality one, you really have to make an effort to twist it into another position. It has a ball in socket that allows  to move the orientation of your device display 45 degrees in any direction.

The holder itself easily holds my iphone 6 and its weight including the weight of my phone case and it is not a problem at all. The width of the holder is adjustable, and has nice clamps that makes it easy to take out your device when you’re done with it.

It is rotatable too, and the rotation can be fixed into one position. It comes with two peel and stick metal plates that can be can be placed between your phone and the holder . It creates a strong magnetic force to hold your phone in place
All in all, a very good product indeed!


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