Electronic Pest Control Repellent – Sold by A.STAR SHOP

If you are looking for one simple way to get rid of pests this is it.

I don’t have a huge bug problem but have seen very tiny spiders coming from nowhere in my bathroom once in a while.
Bathroom is a place I don’t want any crawly stuff so when I saw this product I decide to give it a try.

First thing I noticed about this pest repellent product it that, it makes no sound. Just a bright blue light. No on/off switches, plug in and use.

Previously I had done my research and found out that this product is good.  It’s been around for some time and I have read reviews where people vouch that it can get rid of  insects, mice and roaches!
What I noticed is, this repeller does not work immediately. I didn’t see a huge difference at first, but now, after a week, I have. It seems that the spiders that we do see are either slow-moving or stationary or just curled up in a little ball, unable to move.

I like the fact that there are no chemicals with the use of this product. Besides the gadget is pretty affordable and seem to be doing its job. I’ve been recommending them to friends.


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