Face Cream for Dry Skin, Dark Spots – Anti Aging & Anti Wrinkle Skin Care- from Asana Beauty Products

The first thing I noticed about Asana anti aging and anti wrinkle moisturizer was the beautiful jar and then after opening the jar I noticed that it had a nice light scent. The fragrance was not overpowering like most moisturizers. One of the reason why I like this product so much.

The Jar that it came in is large, 4 oz and easy to open. I absolutely Love the consistency which I find is not too thick or too thin so that it is goes on smoothly on the face and body.

I have learned that no matter how good the anti aging serums you use are, they must be followed by a good moisturizer.

I have combination skin so I was wondering if this moisturizer would work for me. After using it I am happy. It did not make my skin oily, in fact it balances the natural oil produced by my body and leaves the skin smooth and soft.

I apply this moisturizer twice a day after applying my serums but I am more generous with the application before my bed time. I apply it not just to my face but also my hands, and occasionally on my legs too.

The skin absorbs the moisturizer pretty quickly, leaving behind a soft glowing youthful skin. I highly recommend this product.
You need to try it to believe it!


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