Valentia Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum – Sold by Valentia Skin Care

This serum comes in a nice packaging, is white and it does tighten my skin as it dries. It not only tighten and firm the skin, but also tone the muscles beneath, to give the face a leaner appearance.

Valentia clear lift revitalizing serum balances the moisture of my face, letting it be hydrated, but without making it too oily.

I have had a combination skin my entire life. After under one weeks of using this each night, my skin looks and feels better. It truly is smoother and looks a little younger. I am even skipping foundation on some days.

Just a small amount does the job.  I am using this after cleansing and clarifying and it glides easily for application. After I started using this, I do not use an all over face moisturizer, but am using Valentia eye cream with it. I use it everyday now and could not be happier with the effects it has on my skin.

I am certainly reordering for long time to come. I would recommend this product to everyone and anyone.


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