iPhone 6s Holster Leather Case with Belt Clip -by CellBee

This iphone 6s plus holster gives hands free movement. The belt clip is nice, sturdy and tight. It stays in place even when I am running. Also the belt clip swivel can rotate 360 degrees.

This holster comes in a beautiful matt finish PU leather phone case. It is made of premium quality PU leather which looks classy and beautiful. The material it is made of, is dirt proof.

It is designed to position vertically. The back side of the case has a huge strong belt clip and in the front there is a magnetic flap closure to keep the phone secure. The ends of the case are partially open so you can hear the ringing of your phone.

The case has a velvet like soft inner lining interior that is perfect. This helps protect my new phone from crack and scratches and also allows for smooth and easy entry and removal. The clip is nice, sturdy and tight enough to stay on a belt.

It is recommended to use the phone with a thick case as this pouch will be too big for a naked phone. If the phone is used by itself or with a slim case it’s going to move around a lot. I however find the case appearance kinda too bulky for my liking, though this one is smaller than the previous CellBee holster case. I like their horizontal cases better as it is made of soft PU leather and also looks slim and sleek.

This one is definitely sturdy though. I dropped the case with my phone and nothing happened, except the magnet opened. In my opinion the magnet should have been a little stronger to hold the phone in.

Never the less, it is great gift to give someone and It comes with a 1 year hassle free manufacturer warranty.


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